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As we grow up, we seek love and care. To strengthen us physically; And mentally.

To groom us. To perfect us. And to make us a better human being.

This yearning for undivided attention is natural.

From parents, from teachers, from peers, and above all, from a doctor.

It is not an uncommon practice to have our own personal (family) doctor.

Having a personal doctor always leads to readily accessible healthcare, higher satisfaction levels and ensures continuity of care with associated benefits.

But, with the changing times, personal care - core feature of medical practice - as well as continuity of care, have gradually become a thing of past.

There are times when we wish for a personal doctor whom we could ask anything; without any embarrassment. We wish to share, confess, seek help or solace!

Someone who could guide us, whatever the problem; someone who will understand our fears, our concerns and someone who will maintain anonymity and promise confidentiality!

Now, we can! With, we finally have our PERSONAL DOCTOR!

Here, we have a team of experienced doctors for you to ask any question you like. Yes, any! Including the ones you would rather not ask.

Another never before - we DO NOT seek any personal details - No name and no e-mail ID.

Here, you will get your anonymity and promised professional secrecy; your personal doctor will focus on your problems and not on your identity.

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